About CBE


About CBE

The history of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) dates back to the establishment of the State Bank of Ethiopia in 1942.CBE was legally established as a share company in 1963.In 1974, CBE merged with the privately owned Addis Ababa Bank. Since then, it has been playing significant roles in the development of the country.
Currently CBE has more than 22 million account holders and the number of Mobile and Internet Banking users also reached more than 2.5 million as of June 30th 2019 . Active ATM card holders reached more than 8 million.

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Corporate Message

I cannot hold back my excitement for re-joining the lovely and the true bankers’ community of my birth place as a banker—the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) after 11 years physical separation. I remember, like it is today, the passion with which the Executive Vice President of the CBE at that time introduced the Bank to us while we were yet to graduate gathering us all graduating class students of Addis Ababa University on our FBE campus. Mr Habtesilasie had eloquently briefed us that CBE was the biggest institution in the country that had a very tall growth ladder which we cannot finish climbing before we got old with a very wide span of control horizontally which could give us tremendous alternatives of choice to work in. His very professional statements and visible passion had inspired and convinced me to work only for the CBE despite over sixty best offers of employment (due to very few graduates in the market) at that time. I think I have made the right choice without bothering to compare CBE with other alternatives that were trying to tempt unlike many of our friends who opted but were struggling to choose.

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Board of Directors

Ato Teklewold Atinafu

Board Chairperson

Board Chairman of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , former Governor of National Bank of Ethiopia

Woy. Demitu Hambissa


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , Head of Prime Minister’s office and Cabinet Affairs’ Minister

Abreham Belay (Ph.D)


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , Minister of Innovation and Technology

Woy. Yasmin Wohabrebbi


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , a state Ministry of Finance.

Fitsum Asefa (Ph.D)


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , Minister in charge of Plan and Development Commission

Ato Beyene G/Meskel


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , Director General of Public Enterprises Holding and Administration Agency


Ato Mamo Esmelealem Mihretu


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , Senior Policy Advisor and Chief Trade Negotiator at Office of the Prime Minister

Ato Nebiyou Samuel


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , Tax Advisor to the Minister

Eyob Tesfaye (Ph.D)


Board Member of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia , Program Director UNCDF


Executive Management

Ato Abie Sano


Ato Fikreseilassie Zewdu​

Branch and Digital Banking Executive V/P

Wzo. Makida Oumer

Internal Audit V/P

Ato Muluneh Aboye

Risk and Compliance V/P

Ato Amare Assefa

Information Systems V/P

Ato Muluneh Lemma

Credit Appraisal and Portfolio Management V/P

Woy. Tiruberhan Hailu​

International Banking V/P

Ato Sura Saketa

Legal Loan Workout and Recovery V/P

Ato Ephrem Mekuria

Facility Managment V/P

Ato Dawit Keno

Resource and Credit Managment V/P

Ato Turi Goshu

Human Resource A-V/P

Ato Yonas Lidetu

Finance V/P

Ato Nuri Hussein



Ato Yishak Mengesha

Strategy and Business Development V/P

Ato Ali Ahmed

Chief of Staff V/P

Ato Giragn Garo

Quality Management and Control-V/P

Ato Yohannis Million

Digital Banking V/P

Ato Kidane Mengesha

Branch Banking Central Region V/P

Ato Dereje fuffa

Branch Banking South West Region V/P


Ato Samuel Tesfahunegn

Branch Banking North East V/P


Organizational Structure