It is the oldest CBE product and service and also the main source of income of the bank. Loan create investment that play vital role in economic and social development of the country through creating employment. CBE avails huge amount of loan for the over all investment in the country.

General Eligibility Criteria for Loan Application


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Investment Loan

It is an act of aquairing money to allocate it on activities expecting better benefits from it. CBE is currently gives the following loans for those eligable for the sector.

  • Term Loan
  • Motor Vehicle Loan
  • Construction Machinery Loan
  • Partial Financing
  • Syndicate Loan
  • Agricultural Term Loans
  • Idea Financing

Working Capital

Motor Vehicle Loan

  • Overdraft Facility
  • Overdraw
  • Merchandise Loan Facility
  • Import Letter of Credit Facility
  • Pre-Shipment Export Credit Facility
  • Revolving Export Credit Facility
  • Advance on Export Bills Facility
  • Letter of Guarantee Facility
  • Import Letter of Credit Settlement Loan

Micro-Finance Institution’s Loan

A Micro-Finance Institution’s Loan is a loan availed to the Micro-Finance Institutions mainly in the form of term loans that are repayable within short –tomedium–terms

    Channel Financing

    1.1 Channel Financing is a form of short-term loan rendered to potential creditcustomers recommended by existing CBE’s prominent customers engaged indomestic manufacturing, agricultural production, wholesaling, retailing orsupplying businesses with which they have a business relationship. The loan isprovided after the supplier or manufacturer provides unconditional letter ofguarantee to CBEor other acceptable collateralif the loan amount is huge.

    • The guarantor may recommend as potential customer(s) to the Bank both his/her/its supplier and/or receiver.
    • The guarantor shall present the recorded business relationship including payment track record and level of purchases/sales.
    • Financial statements and cash flow statement of the two parties along with the capacity of the guarantor to repay both loans in case of default shall be carefully analyzed.
    • The Bank may finance up to 75 % of the submitted sales contract value and maximum of 70% for vehicles.
    • The financing should be extended only the bases of current sales contract and it shall not finance previous sales contracts.
    • The applicant or the would-be customer applies for credit having letter of recommendation from the guarantor.
    • Channel financing should not be rendered to affiliated companies, associates or subsidiaries.

    Urban Utilities Financing

    Urban Utilities Financing is a type of short and medium-term loan granted tomunicipalities & private persons for supplying urban utilities such as

    • dry and liquid waste management
    • abattoirs
    • public ambulance services
    • firefighting
    • street lighting
    • road asphalt and pavement works
    • sanitation
    • roadside public latrine service
    • development of cityparks

    Consulting Firm Financing

    Consulting Firm Financing is a form of short-term loan extended for the purpose ofworking capital financing to business professionals engaged in rendering professionalservices

    • Engineering
    • ICT
    • Law
    • Accountancy
    • Art

    Inter-Bank Lending

    An Inter-Bank Lending is a short-term loan extended to alleviate liquidity shortageof other commercial banks. In rendering this credit service, the credit and risk analyst shall evaluate the requestbased on the banking business performance indicators.

    • Funding liquidity risk at banks

    Loan Buyout

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